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About Hargreave Hale

The roots of Hargreave Hale date back to 1897, when a stockbroking firm was founded in Blackpool by Marsden W Hargreave, to serve the investment interests of his family members and close friends. In 1988, our current Head of Fund Management, Giles Hargreave, merged his own company (Hargreave Investment Management) with the family stockbroking business (Marsden W Hargreave Hale & Co) to create Hargreave Hale.

In February 2001, Hargreave Hale converted from a partnership to a limited company, and at the same time became an associate of Investec (the listed banking group) with the latter purchasing a 35% interest.

In September 2017, the firm became a member of the Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management (CGWM) group of companies and a wholly owned subsidiary of Canaccord Genuity Group Inc.

Hargreave Hale mandates includes:

  • Marlborough Multi-Cap Income Fund
  • Marlborough Multi-Cap Growth Fund
  • Marlborough Multi-Cap European Fund
  • Marlborough Special Situations Fund
  • Marlborough UK Micro-Cap Growth Fund
  • Marlborough UK Nano-Cap Fund
  • Marlborough Extra Income Fund
  • Hargreave Hale AIM VCT plc

The VCT Management Team

The lead manager at the Investment Manager in relation to the Company is Oliver Bedford, supported by Lucy Bloomfield, Giles Hargreave, Anna Salim and Barbara Walshe.

The VCT management team is also supported by the wider Hargreave Hale fund management team of 16 mainly in the delivery of the non-qualifying investment strategy through the direct investment of the Company's capital into companies listed on the main market of the London Stock Exchange, as permitted by the VCT rules. The Hargreave Hale fund management team manages approximately £4.1 billion as at 31 July 2020,  including approximately £3.0 billion invested  in small companies. Along with the scale of the investment in small companies and their track record, the breadth of the team and their reach  into the market help attract Qualifying Investment deal flow.

Oliver Bedford graduated from Durham University with a degree in Chemistry. He served in the British Army for 9 years before joining the Investment Manager in 2004.  As well as acting as the lead manager in relation to the Company, Oliver supports other unit trusts as part of the fund management team at the Investment Manager.

Lucy Bloomfield joined the Investment Manager in August 2018. Prior to this she spent eight years as an analyst and UK Small & Mid-cap fund manager at BlackRock before her most recent role as a European Small & Mid-cap fund manager with Ennismore Fund Management. Lucy graduated from Durham University in 2007 with a degree in Economics and is a CFA charterholder.

Anna Salim joined the Investment Manager in April 2018. Her prior experience includes European lower mid-market private equity investments at Revolution Capital Group and equity research at Cormark Securities. Anna graduated from the University of Toronto and holds an MBA from University of Western Ontario. She is a CFA charterholder.


Barbara Walshe joined the Investment Manager as legal counsel in May 2020. She graduated from Oxford University and, following qualification as a solicitor in 2010, worked at Ashurst LLP and Linklaters LLP before her most recent role as chief legal officer at a VCT-backed sustainable recycling company.

Giles Hargreave is the head of Hargreave Hale's fund management team and manager of the Marlborough Special Situations Fund. On 22 June 2020, the Company announced Giles Hargreave's intention to step back from his role as co-manager. Although he will no longer hold a formal portfolio management role, it is the Board's expectation he will continue to support the VCT's fund management team. He also co-manages the Marlborough UK Micro Cap Growth Fund and the Marlborough UK Nano-Cap Growth Fund.

The Board has been notified of Giles Hargreave's intention to step back from his role as Co-manager of the Company's portfolio, with effect from 31 December 2020. Since 1 July 2019, Giles Hargreave has primarily supported the delivery of the Company's non-qualifying investment strategy. Although he will no longer hold a formal portfolio management role, it is the Board's expectation that he will continue to support the Company's fund management team.

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